I go to seek a great perhaps

Apr. 22nd | Posted by 6 comments

I just finished reading “Looking for Alaska” – a coming of age story that uncovers some of the greatest challenges of growing up… from true love to tragic loss. There is a beautiful quote the author, John Green, cites throughout the book…”I go to seek a great perhaps.” Simple, beautiful, and so profound. And so […]

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The Mada “Massacre” – AKA – The Day I Became a Vegetarian

Apr. 14th | Posted by 11 comments

Walking through the cold isles of the Gristedes grocery store I contemplate purchasing the perfectly tenderized chicken breast or the 98% fat free ground beef. Chicken or beef I ask myself. It’s then that I wake up from the dream and remember I live in Madagascar where the pre-cleaned meat is just a figment of […]

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I’ve Got the Itch

Apr. 14th | Posted by 7 comments

CAPTION: My first encounter with the Indian Ocean First, let me begin by explaining the title of this blog – “I’ve got the itch.” I mean this both literally (as I pathetically scratch at what looks like chickenpox across my stomach) and figuratively. Yes – I am literally itchy – the bugs have taken up […]

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