Hello! My name is Alicia Adler and this is a blog about my journey as a global health professional and as an individual searching to find my role in this great big world. This is a blog about my vivacious appetite for exploring new cultures and the people who make a community unique.

I grew up in upstate NY and always had the travel bug. I always wanted to know more and to see more. While at college in North Carolina studying communications, I enrolled in a Human Rights Law class which changed everything for me. It opened my eyes to the magnitude of social injustices around the world and my responsibility to take action.

As a graduate student at NYU I held several internships with various UN agencies and nonprofit organizations (full resume here). These jobs further introduced me to various development challenges and solutions.  Upon graduating, I worked in public relations, representing NGOs addressing issues ranging from microfinance and education to WASH and conflict resolution. I learned so much but I  was hungry for more. Hungry to dive deeper and actually witness these global challenges and opportunities from the field.

And for two years, that’s what I did. As a Peace Corps Community Health Volunteer in Madagascar I worked to build the capacity of Community Health Workers and to improve rural health practices across my placement community.  I observed horrifying examples of health inequity – preventable deaths, unnecessary illness, and a broken health system.  But I also witnessed Community Health Workers volunteering their time and energy to help others.  I saw people working together to demand better healthcare.  My time as a PCV changed my perspective on the world, on global health and on my role in this very complex space.

Now, I am in Malawi as a Global Health Corps Fellow working with Save the Children.   Throughout this year I will use this blog to share real stories and observations – the good and inspiring along with the frustrating and unexpected.  I hope you will join me on this next adventure!


Disclaimer: The views in this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of the Global Health Corps or Save the Children.