Breast is Best!

Aug. 4th | Posted by 2,779 comments

I distinctly remember one of my first nights in Madagascar sitting with my host family at the dinner table. I was busy pondering how I could finish the massive mound of rice on my plate when I looked up and saw my 1 ½ year old host sister yank her mother’s boob out of her […]

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My Next Adventure – FAQ

Jul. 19th | Posted by 2,507 comments

When I left for Madagascar 2.5 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into. I barely knew where Madagascar was let alone what my life would be like as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Now, after two years promoting health education in rural villages I am living in Lilongwe, Malawi as a Global […]

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Tsara mandroso, tsara miverina

Jan. 13th | Posted by 2,685 comments

Just one month ago I was sitting in the sweltering summer heat of Madagascar. I was eating kilos of lychees, consuming my bodyweight in red rice and spending time with my local counterparts. I was shooing away my friendly rats, walking through the muddy market, and fetching water for my next refreshing bucket bath. And […]

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Donate to Support my Traditional Birth Attendant Training

Nov. 20th | Posted by 2,218 comments

Picture this – a hospital room filled with clean blankets, pink balloons, and bright florescent lights that illuminate the rooms as several nurses’ work around the clock to care for the mother and her newborn baby. The moment the mother’s water broke she was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital and immediately given quality […]

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Caring Response Madagascar Foundation

Oct. 2nd | Posted by 2,570 comments

  I knelt next to the 35 year old man with tears welling in my eyes. I was attempting to use my limited Malagasy language skills to explain his tough decision– lose his infected leg to amputation or lose his life once the infection spreads.  Volunteers shared these difficult prognoses many times during the 2 […]

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Election Day

Aug. 1st | Posted by 1,916 comments

The back of the truck is filled with dozens of people holding posters and waving flags. There are giant speakers thumping loudly with the latest Malagasy hit song and people shouting something inaudible to pedestrians on the street. What are they announcing? An upcoming concert (called a spectacular)? An exciting event? Nope. It’s propaganda – […]

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Healthy Households

Jun. 23rd | Posted by 0 comments

Last month we had our Mid Service Conference – A time to reflect on our first year at site and to plan for our second and final year. I can’t believe I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer for 16 months! I’ve made great friends, seen incredible places/animals, learned a new language, eaten new foods, and […]

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Unite to Fight Malaria in Madagascar

May. 14th | Posted by 2,757 comments

World Water Day. World Environment Day. World AIDS Day. There’s a day designated for almost every international cause you can imagine – including World Toilet Day. And every April, people around the world unite to fight against Malaria. I’ve already posted several stories about the tragedy of malaria here in Madagascar and how I am […]

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International Women’s Day

Mar. 20th | Posted by 2,292 comments

Every year people around the world celebrate International Womens Day on March 8th. In my community, Maromitety, this meant speeches, traditional dances, drinking, singing, and of course killing cows.  (more photos from the Women’s Day event on my Facebook page). In honor of this day and the incredible strength of women everywhere, let me tell […]

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A Difficult Reality

Jan. 21st | Posted by 2,943 comments

  The room was eerily quiet – so quiet I could hear the slow drip from the medicine bag hanging by the hospital bed. Men, women, and children sat solemnly around the head of a young boy, stuck in a coma caused by malaria. Not a word was said as they all silently hoped the […]

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